Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Our community’s quality of life must not to be taken for granted. Only through balanced, deliberate and gutsy governance did the Board of Supervisors protect Fairfax County residents during the recent Great Recession from potentially devastating impacts on our quality of life. Phil’s depth and breadth of experiences have prepared him to step in immediately to help protect and improve upon our quality of life, whether in good times or bad.

To protect and grow our quality of life, Phil will:

  • Support compensating County and School System employees with competitive wages.

  • Be a proponent for early childhood education.

  • Promote through partnerships a fully integrated system of education that will serve all ages, commensurate with their interests and motivations, to include skill retooling and lifelong learning.

  • Fully employ regulatory, enforcement and acquisition authorities to minimize damage to the environmental and prevent groundwater runoff, and increase open space.

  • Advocate for pedestrian and bike-friendly public facilities investment

  • Work with youth and adult sports groups to enhance and construct recreational facilities.

  • Seek to reward innovation, particularly in relation to our most intractable challenges, such as transportation. More fully leverage the County’s relationship with the Smart Cities initiative to assess and deploy emerging transport technologies.

  • Use land use planning tools to leverage density for increases in affordable housing and restore the “Penny for Affordable Housing” fund to help grow the County’s inventory.

  • Encourage investment in helping the elderly who wish to age in place at home; while also promoting assisted-living facility construction.

  • Investigate the use of public-private partnerships to build affordable units for both the young and seniors seeking to live independently as long as possible.

  • Support the work of the Park Authority to broaden public access to parks and recreation facilities and equipment.

  • Promote the arts and increasing the number of art venues.

Smart Growth

With Tysons, Merrifield and Inova, Providence District is the economic engine of Fairfax County, if not the Commonwealth. Phil will work to ensure these economic centers continue their dynamic and diversified growth; where people can live, work and play. He will also promote the revitalization of aging neighborhoods, retail centers and outmoded suburban-style business parks. Phil accepts the truth of the old maxim that communities are either growing or “treading water” and that continued investment of energy and resources into economic development has, and will continue to, pay dividends in jobs and an enlarged tax base. Economic development, however, needs to be balanced against the potential impacts experienced by neighbors. Fairfax County must continue to be smart and strategic in regulating land use and the investment in public facilities; and by planning for and even advancing 21st century design and technology options, such as autonomous vehicles.

To promote smart growth, Phil will:

  • Drive building energy efficiency and renewable use.

  • Promote deployment of advanced transit technologies between Tysons and Inova to get people out of their cars and off Gallows Road.

  • Encourage developers to make full use of the development authorities in the zoning ordinance, particularly as relates to density around Metro stations.

  • Promote student competitions and “hackathons” to generate innovative solutions to public policy issues, such as affordable housing.

  • Advocate for broad public access to WiFi in public spaces.

  • Explore public-private financing or shared use options for public facilities.

  • Promote the pursuit and adoption of best practices and the humility to learn from others.


Providence is diverse in race, culture, age and income. This rich diversity is to be celebrated as a strength for which we all benefit. Phil embraces the County’s “One Fairfax” policy directing that all residents be given an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, income, ability, or where they live. County government and Fairfax County Public Schools must be inclusive and protective of all. Phil’s strong belief is that diversity is our strength and that our community is strongest when we all thrive. Experiencing community is also dependent on the neighbors-helping-neighbors and the connectedness of people. Phil will promote strong neighborhoods and the use of technology to connect people to each other and to the County government.

To build community, Phil will:

  • Practice inclusion in the conduct of his office and in his appointments to committees and commissions.

  • Reach out to the full array of Providence’s diverse communities to both hear from them but to also tap their potential to help address problems.

  • Ensure that the diverse public is engaged in the forthcoming Fairfax County strategic planning processes.

  • Follow-up on all complaints he receives regarding access to County services

  • Visit neighborhoods, HOAs, and other community groups to both listen, but to also promote connecting neighbors and neighborhoods.

  • Promote the development of County-managed digital apps for connecting neighbors with neighbors; and neighborhoods with public services.

  • Call for full implementation of the Diversion First program -- including mobile units -- that moves the mentally ill into treatment and not jail.

  • Seek to partner with the School System to ensure services are coordinated in support of at-risk youth and their families who have fallen victim to drug, alcohol and opioid addiction.

Good Government

Phil will work energetically to ensure that our County provides responsive and quality services for all of Providence residents – from public safety to safe drinking water -- at the lowest effective cost. The best way to maintain broad community support for schools and county services is to perform well and be accountable. Phil will advocate with the Virginia General Assembly that it unlock revenue-generating options to relieve the homeowner’s property-tax burden. As Providence Supervisor, constituent support for solutions to problems will be his highest priority, whether they be Route 66 hot lane construction, potholes, snowplowing or trash pickup. And he will work to ensure that a safety net remains in place to support our residents’ most basic needs.

To build high quality, responsive and efficient public services, Phil will seek to:

  • Review the processes by which the performances of the County Executive and leadership team are assessed and rewarded. Ensure that the focus is on continuous improvement and adaptation of national best practices.

  • Institute best Board governance practices and promote communication and cooperation among Supervisors in support of their respective districts and the County at large.

  • Promote consolidation of County and School System “backroom” business processes, such as payroll and accounting services.

  • Promote the formation of a digital management agency that is independent of major collectors of digital data, such as from police use of dashboard and body-worn cameras and forthcoming multiple agency use of drone technology.

  • Seek to deploy digital platforms to promote civic engagement in the formation of County policy.

  • Seek provisions within the Capital Improvement Program that direct County agencies and the school system to give priority to redeveloping or re-purposing existing count properties to meet demand for public facilities.

  • Fight for common sense gun control measures and close dangerous loopholes.

  • Increase patrol officer staffing, and implement police body-worn cameras and the upcoming use of drone imaging technology by multiple County agencies

  • Convene regular “town hall” sessions and invite Providence residents to come listen and/or speak their mind.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Phil believes that none of the professional and community volunteer successes of which he is most proud were the result of his efforts alone. He therefore expects to best serve his Providence District constituents by building partnerships and collaborating with others. He is convinced, for example, that Providence District will benefit from collaboration with adjacent districts, particularly at the boundaries of each. Momentum for County and school leadership partnership is stronger now than in a decade. As a former School Board member, Phil will be bring insights to this critical working relationship and push to keep the relationship moving in a constructive direction.  Phil will also advocate building other partnerships, such as with the Commonwealth, the federal government, the region and the private and non-profit sectors.

To build partnerships and collaborate with others, Phil will seek to:

  • Partner with fellow Supervisors where adjacent or overlapping jurisdictional barriers will be best mitigated by working together.

  • Continue the partnership with Fairfax County Public Schools and develop a mutual understanding of each other’s constraints and opportunities, particularly as relates to budget and service demands.

  • Strengthen interjurisdictional cooperation in solving regional problems. For example, the traffic volume on Highway 270 and 495 will not be relieved until an additional crossing of the Potomac is built. Further, the Metro is funded by multiple jurisdictions, each with its unique views on how to regain reliability and affordability and effectively manage the system.

  • To promote job-building partnerships between NOVA businesses and southern Virginia communities. Such relationships will help meet business workforce demand and directly link South Virginia to Fairfax economic success. These partnerships will also help motivate the General Assembly address Fairfax County’s need for the same revenue diversification options available to cities in Fairfax, such as Fairfax City and Falls Church.

Greater Good

Providence District and Fairfax County exist within a progressively larger global geography and ecosystem. Phil believes that the County must view itself as a contributor to the protection of the global environment and all its integrated components. In short, Phil believes the County must do its part, within its authorities and control, to – as examples -- reduce carbon emissions that drive climate change, push for building energy efficiency, protect streams, rivers and tree canopy.

 To promote the greater good, within the County’s authorities and control, Phil will:

  • Seek to amend the County’s “Cool Counties” policy to call for a carbon neutral operation by 2030.

  • Commit to implementing the County’s Operational Energy Strategy and Energy and Climate Action Plan.

  • Ensure that applicants fulfill the County’s expectations about protecting the air quality, streams and rivers and area tree canopy.

  • Strengthen transportation private sector demand management programs to incentivize people to leave their cars at home, use mass transit, walk, or ride bikes to their destinations.